Assurance Technologies
technology to secure
and manage your business


Assurance Technologies is a full-service Information Technology firm dedicated to providing expert solutions to small and medium businesses. Our commitment to providing superior service at competition-beating prices has earned Assurance Technologies the reputation of being a reliable business partner. We offer a wide array of computer services including sales of Windows, Unix and Linux systems, networking, computer support and maintenance, security solutions, HIPAA Privacy and Security compliance, and readily available technical support.

Many small businesses lack a qualified Information Technology overseer. Assurance Technologies can handle all of your company's maintenance and expansion needs with extremely low response times. Even businesses with dedicated IT employees can save on their budget and increase their available expertise by switching to an outsourced solution.

Our technicians routinely handle maintenance for all Windows platforms, in addition to having extensive experience administrating different Linux distributions. Moreover, we offer our expertise in a training capacity for our customers.

By partnering with Assurance Technologies, your company's IT needs are kept secure, stable, and expertly maintained, all while improving your core business by implementing appropriate new technology.