Medicred is a powerful web-based application designed to streamline the credentialing process for a wide range of healthcare organizations:

Group Practices · IPAs · PHOs
Hospitals · Payors

Whether you have 10 providers or 10,000 — Medicred manages the complexities of the credentialing process to reduce errors and get through your credentialing workload faster.

Contact Us to schedule a demo.
Contact Us to schedule a demo.

Credentialing Process Management

Medicred centralizes all of your organization's provider records, and streamlines your provider credentialing process with a number of powerful features.

  • Fine grained status control facilitates multi-user pipelining, to get through your credentialing workload faster
  • Medicred's "Completed Provider File" feature makes it effortless to produce a completed provider file to present to your credentialing committee.
  • Reliable projections of upcoming re-credentialing workload help you budget and meet due dates without getting swamped.

Document Management

Go paperless! Medicred’s document attachment features allow you to digitally store and organize all of your provider’s important documents in a single location. Upload licenses, contract agreements, even free-form notes for easy retrieval at any time.

Managed Care Contracts

Medicred organizes all of your vital managed care contract information within its robust relational database of providers and payor networks. Easily review an individual provider’s contracts at a glance... or focus on provider enrollment by drilling down on a payor to view all participating providers for a particular managed care contract.

Issue Tracking for Payors and Providers

Medicred’s powerful issue tracking with email alerts keeps you on top of your organization’s ever growing to-do list with integrated, real-time reports of open issues. View issues by provider, payor, or managed care plan to get information from the perspective you need. Staying ahead of managed care contract issues shortens the provider enrollment process, brings your providers onboard faster, and increases revenues.

Timely Expirations Management

Medicred's built-in expirations tracking prevents lapses in board certifications, licenses, and malpractice insurance from slowing you down. Keeping ahead of expiration dates keeps your provider’s records cleaner and gets them through the credentialing process faster.

Virtual Committee Room

The Virtual Committee Room lets you go from credentials verification straight to committee. Meet from anywhere, review documentation, and vote to approve providers… all from the browser. Once completed, your provider records and meeting notes are automatically updated.

External Systems Integration

Medicred offers powerful integration with external systems:

  • Automated search functionality for the OIG and SAM Exclusions Databases
  • Automated primary-source verification of licenses and certifications from a wide range of sources
  • CAQH import capability
  • NPI registry integration for easy access to provider’s NPPES information
  • NUCC taxonomy code database integration
  • Automated member directory extract allows easy data integration into your website for up-to-date member listing & search capability.
  • For hospitals: Medicred's Privileges Verification Request Portal saves staff-time and money by providing an intuitive web-portal that allows outside credentialing bodies to electronically verify your providers' privileges, without any need for email exchanges or manual records retrieval.

Never search your office for the right PECOS or CAQH login again. Medicred provides a secure, accessible place to store provider login credentials alongside quick links to the respective sites ensuring easy access whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Reporting Capabilities

Produce myriad reports and applications to send to managed care networks, hospitals and other requesting parties with just a few simple clicks. Generating reports and filling out standardized forms has never been easier.

Medicred’s reporting facilities can export your information into a wide range of formats: From spreadsheets for internal use, to automatically filling out complex forms such as the Georgia Uniform Credentialing Application (for both MD’s and Allied Healthcare Professionals), it’s all available from Medicred’s report generation wizard.

Hosting Options

Medicred is a secure, web-based solution hosted on our cloud servers — allowing you access to your providers' information from the office, or on the go.

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